Heading in the right direction?

Have you thought of coaching?

Would you like to think deeply, genuinely and seriously about your life now and your future? What you want from life and how you get it? Are you prepared to think independently, challenge your thinking and your assumption as well as explore new opportunities?

Coaching can be conducted via phone, skype or face to face.

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Insert GOAL instead of “piece of design” and the quote becomes very apt for coaching too. If we are going to try something new, to learn, to move beyond our comfort zone and stay motivated to work for that goal – it certainly helps if it is a WOW.


Is it time?

Has the time come for a change in your life?

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If you struggle seeing, hearing or feeling more or new opportunities, a coach can help unlock those hidden options with you. Why not give it a go?

DISC profiles

Are you currently experiencing or looking for a change?

About to start your first job, changing career, looking for a new position, getting promoted, experiencing change at work – whichever it is DISC is for you – and you can now get them from Wenford People!

A DISC profile will provide you with an understanding of how you behave naturally when completely at ease, how you are likely to behave under stress and how you feel you should behave e.g. in a work situation. It is important to emphasise there is no right or wrong profile, but knowing and being mindful of your preferences can help you make the right choices for you.

Completing a DISC assessment on-line can be done in under 10 minutes. Afterwards our qualified DISC practitioner Winnie Sorensen will delve into the result with you in detail to help you explore and understand your natural behavioural patterns, along with your strengths and challenges.

With over 30 years of proven reliability and over 40 million users, DISC assessments are a trusted tool and used worldwide in training and coaching – as well as in organisational development and performance improvement.

Contact us to hear more about DISC and how you can take the first step towards your new life!



Coaching Misconception

At a recent event, I was asked by another guest what I did. When I told him, I was a coach, he was quite interested and asked what area or people I coach. I told him that I work with many different individuals and groups. He was quite surprised by my reply – but it is one I have become used to. I think the word “coaching” is often used and misused and that has in my view lead to a misconception that as a coach you need to have a mastery of the area you coach in.

Coaching is about listening for what is being said – what is not said – and how it is said. It’s about paying attention to and reading non-verbal signals, tonality, and everything else which is being communicated by the client.

Coaching is being entirely focused on the individual. It is about their issues, performance, ideas, thoughts, feelings, actions and above all their goals and results.

Coaching is a journey where the destination is the sum of all the client’s choices. The client is the captain, the client decides on where to start and the destination, the coach is merely there as a co-pilot to assist with the navigation to uncover the best possible route to reach the destination.

Working with many business clients, naturally most of my coaching sessions are about working life and situations. It is common also to venture into many other areas of the clients’ life as inevitably they often play a part in the overall picture – the choice though, is the always the client’s.

An experienced coach will become a thinking partner for the client. The coach will allow plenty of time to think and if asked offer powerful questions to help the client find their chosen route for their own individual journey. The coach becomes a valuable resource to help the client perform at a higher level. It empowers the client to independently think and act and walk away from the sessions equipped and empowered to act. Coaching just like leadership is not about telling and directing others.

Now this is my view of coaching – what is your opinion?