WISTA: Transform your meetings


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WISTA: Transform your meetings

One way to establish relevant and powerful organisational value for shareholders and stakeholders is to unlock the true potential of everyone in the organisation by creating a good and healthy working environment for staff where they can think and say what they feel.

The reality for many is that organisations are influenced by a few people, lacking behaviour and with little or no space and time to think. Without a diverse culture the organisation loses out on valuable information and experience – the result is a much narrower perspective for creating options and making decisions.

In meetings this is a common scenario. How often have you been to a meeting and wished you were someone else? That it was a waste of time? That your idea was killed by a grimace by someone else. How often are you interrupted? How often is the meeting monopolised by a few people – sometimes speaking just to hear their own voice? How often have you left a meeting feeling that nothing was achieved?

The Thinking Environment® developed by Nancy Kline of Time to Think creates a structure to enable a more diverse and inclusive culture in which better quality thinking is generated for problem solving and different views are welcomed for discussion and decision-making.

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Interesting TED Talk

What if employees could say what they really think? What if companies exerted radical transparency? – and what if algorithmic decision-making was added to the mix.

What would it be like?

Hear about how it works for one company in this interesting TED talk by Ray Dalio.


Is it time?

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DISC Accreditation

DISC Accreditation BadgeWinnie completed her DISC practitioners training in May and are now ready to work with individuals and groups.

DISC is a powerful tool which can provide you with an understanding of how different individuals prefer to set goals, make decisions and communicate.

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